Why an ombudsperson for the GLS Future Foundation for Development?

With the nomination of an ombudsperson the GLS Future Foundation for Development creates a contact point for those, who doubt the appropriate use of funds, such as could be in the case of money laundering, corruption or other misappropriation of entrusted resources. Should there be any reason for doubts, personnel as well as project partners or project executing organisations, donors and other people can get in touch with the ombudsperson and request for clarifying. In alignment with the person informing about the misuse of funds, the ombudsperson will try to clarify the factual situation. Any personal information will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Does the ombudsperson receive payments for his/her services?

The ombudsperson is working independently and on voluntarily basis, he/she is no subject to directives. The ombudsperson does not receive compensation for his/her services. As far as the ombudsperson has any outlays in line with the tasks he/she is executing for the GLS Future Foundation for Development, those expenses will be covered.

Who is the ombudsperson for the GLS Future Foundation for Development? 

Since August 2022, Dr. Richard Everett is the ombudsperson in charge for the GLS Future Foundation for Development.

About Dr. Richard Everett

Until 2016, Dr. Richard Everett was in charge of foundation support at GLS Treuhand e.V. for almost six years. Prior to that, Mr. Everett worked in the publishing industry for almost 25 years, lastly as Director of Global Production for the scientific Springer Verlag (Heidelberg / Berlin). Since retiring in 2016, he has been active in community services, such as being a member of the board of trustees for two trust foundations and as spokesman of the supervisory board of a non-profit cooperative that will be the operator of a parent/child health clinic. Richard Everett holds a doctorate in German Studies and a degree in Business Administration.